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Instant auto insurance quote

Instant auto insurance quote – Compare quotes & instant car insurance cover today

Thanks to the internet, instant car insurance is a reality. And with the advent of smartphones and tablets, you don’t even need to be sitting at a computer to sort out your policy.

Instant auto insurance quote – Here’s how to find the cheapest car insurance quotes and arrange your cover in a matter of moments.


Instant auto insurance quote – Search for a quote online

When you visit the MoneySuperMarket online car insurance comparison site, you get immediate access to over 139 providers, all vying for your business. This means you can compare what’s available, identify the right policy at the right price, and then click through to your chosen insurer to secure an instant car insurance deal. Many insurers offer a discount to those who buy online because the application is less labour-intensive to process.

Reducing the cost of cover

Whatever your personal details, whatever car you drive, it’s highly likely that you could take a few relatively simple steps to trim a worthwhile amount off your premium. Here’s a run-down of some of our recommended car insurance action points:

Instant auto insurance quote – Limit your mileage

The fewer miles you drive, the less likely it is that you will be involved in an accident – that’s why car insurance proposal forms ask you to state your annual mileage. And the lower the mileage, the lower the premium is likely to be. If you’re unsure of your annual mileage, you can use our car insurance comparison tool, which has a calculator to help you work out how many miles you drive each year.


It is vital that you choose a realistic figure – you could invalidate your policy if you breach the agreed mileage limit. If you realise during the year that you have pitched the figure too low – or, indeed, too high – tell your insurer and they might adjust your premium accordingly.

Check your insurance group

There are 50 car insurance groups that insurers use to rate every vehicle registered to drive on UK roads – and the lower the group, the lower the insurance premium. Cars are allocated a group according to various factors including engine size, performance capability, built-in security measures and the likely cost of repairs.

So if you are buying a car, check its rating – it might influence your choice of model. You can find out details of car insurance groups at www.thatcham.org.


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